C19 Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer is formulated with pure 200 proof food-grade ethanol and is the latest addition to the Kabana family of products. Unlike many low-grade sanitizer formulas, C19 is free of toxic chemicals, such as the neurotoxin methanol, is FDA NDC registered and manufactured in the USA. With only three high-quality ingredients, the C19 formula upholds our Common Sense Biochemistry ethic. It is potent yet safe to use as much as necessary, for you and your family.

C19 was developed by Erik Kreider, founder, CEO & Chief Formulation Chemist of Kabana Skin Care. Erik is a Stanford-trained biochemist and dermatology pharmaceutical scientist. He founded Kabana Skin Care in 2005, a Colorado-based company dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and marketing personal care products based on human chemistry. Kabana’s Green Screen® and Bali Bloc™ sunscreens are continuously rated as the safest and purest on the market.

Kabana formulas are designed to optimally support human health and vitality while providing a luxurious experience. Kabana Skin Care exclusively produces petroleum-free products, sourcing the majority of ingredients used as certified organic. “Common Sense Biochemistry” is a term coined by Erik to describe the philosophy behind Kabana Skin Care. Because much of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream, Kabana formulates products with the natural biochemical building blocks and essential mineral nutrients that our human bodies use to maintain health and wellbeing. We use intelligible and high-quality ingredients so our customers can fundamentally understand what’s in our products and be confident in their daily use.

Mainstream personal care products contaminate, endanger and weaken our bodies with synthetic chemicals. Kabana Skin Care products and C19 Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer are credible solutions for everyone who seeks safe and healthy skin care and antimicrobial protection products.
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